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HelloSock MMA Training Socks (Kids/Children Size)


Grappling, in any of its forms, breeds excellent athletes. Whether one is practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, or any other type of grappling, the experience is life-changing. Through the hard hours one puts in on the mat, cardio improves, physique develops, and techniques become second-nature. Although the physical benefits are numerous, that's not say that there aren't any risks involved with these various sports. The physicality of grappling, which demands the use of every muscle in the body, can lead to numerous injuries. Although grappling safety practices themselves have progressed greatly over the years, grappling safety gear has not. As grappling becomes more popular, the need for further developments in gear designed to protect the grappler has become apparent. The beginning of this safety gear revolution is here, in the form of the Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks. 

 Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks are a new and well-researched tool created to protect and enhance the performance of the user’s feet during grappling. Practical and effective, this useful product has numerous safety benefits. Firstly, the risk of unwanted mat-burn and scratches on the feet are eliminated entirely. Grapplers that normally practice or compete in bare feet know that this pain can be very taxing, both on one’s body and performance.  Although not normally enough to sideline an athlete, these mat-burns and scratches certainly add up; dealing with these at the same time as other relatively minor injuries can certainly have a negative impact on one's performance. The quality of one’s performances will certainly increase without concern for these minor injuries. Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks also protect users by providing an anti-slip function. As the duration of practice increases, so does the amount of sweat produced by the participants. More than being a relatively minor annoyance, the increased slickness of these mats can cause one to lose their footing, especially during scrambles. Inadvertent falls can certainly lead to serious injury; tears, fractures, and even breaks are potential byproducts of these accidents. The Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks offer complete protection from these major injuries as well.

As was mentioned in this piece initially, the sports of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as other forms of grappling, have entered the most popular period of their existences. As more participants engage in a sport, as history shows, the safety equipment utilized by these participants increases in both quantity and quality. MLB players didn’t wear helmets until the early 1940’s; the NFL didn’t formally adopt helmets until around the same time. Furthermore, the safety revolutions in those major sports organizations came at a time when participants didn’t know what advantages extra precautions could afford them; the same is true in all forms of grappling. Large injuries from slips, although admittedly rare, do occur. Once this debilitating tear or break occurs, the damage is done; careers have certainly been ended from injuries of smaller severity.  Mat-burn and scratches on the feet can be minor annoyances, in and of themselves. Coupled with other minor or major injuries, however, they can negatively impact the performance of even the most experienced grappler, and even cause one to forego participation in practices and competitions.

 In an era of rapidly advancing techniques and skills, one must utilize every advantage that they can. The Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks are a practical and effective method of protecting the feet. Nagging injuries will be eliminated, and major injuries avoided. This cost effective tool should be, and ultimately will be, an integral part of every grappler’s wardrobe. Until that day, one should utilize the tool for themselves, as well as any fellow grapplers that they know.  Bodies will be healthier, performances will be better, and careers will last longer. The beginning of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling safety gear revolution is here today, available in the form of the Hello Sock Premium Grappling Socks. 


Offers protection against mat burns and friction whilst grappling to help avoid unwanted pain and injury during training.
After months of research, design and development, HelloSock are proud to present our Grappling Socks. These socks are highly designed to provide grip, support and stability. Manufactured using;

  • super-stretch neoprene
  • textured non-slip sole
Our HelloSock grappling socks are a hybrid performance footwear style that feature Grip & Grab technology giving you the edge during training or competition.

Able to be worn on the mat or the cage with or without shoes, it will enhance each martial arts session. Making sure you get the most out of your training by providing you with enhanced grip, movement, agility as well as offering support and protection for your ankle area.

Kids/Children One Size